Easy time tracking for your employees.(No more guesswork)

Easily track how you spend your time with OfficeCentral Timesheets, and see it in one place.

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OfficeCentral Timesheets

All-in-One Timesheets Solution

A wide range of timesheet tools at your fingertips, without the hassle of hosting and maintenance. With OfficeCentral, you can effectively manage and automate a wide range of HR processes without the hassle of hosting and maintenance.

With very minimal enterprise management knowledge, you can start using OfficeCentral online timesheet software easily. Moreover, with the easy-to-use and seamlessly integrated features, OfficeCentral helps to streamline your daily business operations and allows you to focus on your core business.

Keep your projects on track

OfficeCentral Timesheets is a cloud-based time tracking system that enables you to plan and monitor each project in an effective way. Reducing the time wastage, this will help you be more profitable and spend money more efficiently.

Keep your projects on track

Go Paperless

Go green! With everything online, you’d use less paper and everything is within your reach through your laptop, computer and mobile phone.

Reduce paper clutter and storage space

Boost up your profitability

OfficeCentral TimeSheets will help you get a more accurate picture of where your money is going. With that knowledge, you can take steps to reduce the time wasted and boost up your profitability.

Boost up your profitability

Time tracking made easy

Track your time in real-time with OfficeCentral Timesheets. With powerful reports for managers, it's never been easier to identify where improvements need to be made.

Time tracking made easy

Make it easy for employees

OfficeCentral Time Sheets offers employees the tools to track their time from wherever they are, in the way that best suits them. As a result, your team becomes more productive and accountable.

Easily Search Data Anytime You Need

Increase work efficiency by 70%

Provides employees with the flexibility and control they need to manage their time more efficiently. With OfficeCentral, teams can plan projects and tasks more accurately, save time by cutting down on administrative tasks, and ultimately increase work efficiency by up to 70%!

Increase work efficiency by 70%

Powerful Features

There are many powerful features in OfficeCentral Timesheets that will help you to manage your timesheets
more effectively and efficiently. Here we list some of the main features available in OfficeCentral Timesheets.


You should explore the use of automation. For example, certain accounting system can automate the accounting transactions from Sales directly to Account. This is almost 100% time saving. The same for Payroll to accounting or POS to Accounting. If you notice that your staff are still happily doing many hours of manual work instead of using the automation, it is about time to talk to your staff. You can assign other tasks to them.

Customer Portal

Look at your customer service department. Customer Portal is the online 24/7 customer support system where b2B customer can order online, pay online, look at your quotation, look at your invoice, pay the bill and get the receipt, all being done automatically. You may be able to look at the Timesheet and discover that Customer Portal technology is the way to go.


Use the timesheet to manage your overtime. Is it required? Can the tasks be done during normal time? Are they doing something not important during the day and shift the important work as overtime? Do your analysis.


You can compare the time taken to do the same task. Variance may point to Training need analysis or disciplinary issues. Too much time used to maintain certain products could mean quality issue or design issue. Look at the works and tasks. Is it necessary at the company point of view? Is it in line with company focus? Every staff must do tasks according to company focus.

Build Some intelligence

If you are doing some standard tasks, you may be following certain Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). The SOP will define the steps on how to do certain works. You may find one staff that can do the work faster with the quality required. Use the Timesheet to improve the SOP and let all staff follow the improved SOP. It will reduce time required. It will make the staff more efficient.

Efficient Tools

You get timesheet data immediately from the system. Your tasks and status are available online. Everything is done online. The management can get the data and analyse the data with ease. The top management, the Project manager, The Sales manager and the Service manager are looking and analysing the same data. Data Insight can be done fast. Decision can be done fast.

Better Business

Now, you can have instant, on-screen access to your list of staffs, their information and much more from anywhere you are, anytime you need them by using OfficeCentral - Malaysia online Timesheets. No more worries about having to go to office to get any data or having data to be sent manually via email/phone/fax. You can easily access your timesheet data even when you're on your overseas business trip. That's how connected you are to your company when implementing OfficeCentral.

  • picture Furthermore, with OfficeCentral, it is easier for you to manage multiple locations and branches from one system. No more having to transmit data manually via email/phone/fax.
  • picture OfficeCentral becomes your centralized data repository, allowing your staffs from different locations to access the same data, even when their offices are miles away.
  • picture This promotes team collaboration and increase productivity for teams across different regions. You can save time, reduce administrative work and increase productivity!

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