Increase your Revenue and Sales Network by using Network Sales System

Automate your management of the sales network and distributor/agents sales process by using the B2B Network Sales system

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OfficeCentral Network Marketing System

Network Sales Management System

A powerful Network Sales management tools at your fingertips. Increase your sales network. Increase your revenue. With OfficeCentral, you can effectively manage and automate your managing of sales network and sales process, payment and delivery.

Increase Your Sales Network size easily

One way to increase your sales revenue is to increase your size of distributors and agents. You can increase your sales network by 100% or 200% or even more by using the system without worry of adding more manual staff to handle them. Let the computer help you to manage them.


Increase your Sales Revenue significantly

By providing the B2B sales platform and increasing the size of your sales network, you will be able to increase your sales revenue significantly. The computer will provide them with online product database and online order and online payment. Even the inventory is automatically managed by the computer.


Make it easier to become you distributor/agent online.

The system will make it very easy for distributors/agents to apply online. You can approve online. Basically, you will be able to increase the number of your agents and distributors without the normal hustle of manual application process.


Online Payment and Automated Inventory check

The system will check if you have the inventory before confirming the order. Customer will pay online and the system will confirm the availability of the product beforehand. This will reduce customer complaints of product non availability and delayed delivery from promised date.


Integrated creation of Payment Gateway Account

The system will allow you to create your own payment gateway account in certain Payment Gateway provider automatically from the system. You practically can receive payment online within minutes from the OfficeCentral Sales Network Management system.

Gateway Account

Streamline your operations

Maximize efficiency and productivity in your operations. OfficeCentral Network Sales Management system is a cloud-based system that ensures you have the right quantity of materials at the right time. Streamline operations, increase production, minimize inventory costs - all with OfficeCentral interface to Manufacturing System and Inventory Management.

Streamline your operations

Automate your operations

OfficeCentral provides a lot of automation of manual tasks. You may integrate to manufacturing module for finished goods inventory. You may integrate to Accounting module to automate accounting. You may integrate to Online payment to automate order processing to delivery instruction. You Reduce costs, boost efficiency, and avoid errors with a single solution for all needs.

Anytime, Anywhere

Agent Commission Management

You may have a lot of agents and sub agents distributing your products to your end customers. Normally manufacturers have certain commission structure to manage the agents and distributors.

It could be quite complicated to track when the business becomes quite large and the number of agents is increasing significantly.


Each agent will have their log in to the system.

Access Anywhere, Anytime


The system has the category of agent and the commission for the category

Reduce paper clutter and storage space


You may have sub agent that are introduced by the agent. The agent may receive certain commission from the orders from the sub agent. The system must calculate this.

Track Leave and Attendance Easily

Special Commission

You may have certain special commission based on the total value of purchase for a certain period. The system will be able to help you manage this complex calculation.

Manage Data Efficiently

Powerful Features

There are many powerful features in OfficeCentral Network Sales Management that will help you to manage your sales network
more effectively and efficiently. Here we list some of the main features available in OfficeCentral Sales Network Management.

Reduce Manpower by Automation

Manual labour will not be able to offer the quality of sales process automation. The system can handle the ordering, check inventory, confirm order receive payment and process delivery instruction. If you have many orders per day, it will become almost impossible for manual labour to catch up with the power of the computer. Service quality without computer automation will go down when your business is growing. Use computer automation to push your growth.

Automation During Ordering

If you have a lot of orders every day, then the Network Sales system interface to Inventory Module will help you a lot. The system would instantly know how many stocks you have, how many are already booked by your team, how many are physically located in your store. Decision can be made instantly, correctly.

Multi Location Sales and Inventory

If you have inventory located in more than one location and sales from the various locations, the Network Sales system interface to Inventory module will be your saviour. If you have many locations for your inventory, the system will ensure that you know the inventory status at each location.

Integrated to Online Payment

Integration with Online Payment will enable a lot of automation in your process. Customer can login and view available products. Customer will select the product and start online payment. System will confirm order and receipt of payment and start process for delivery. Everything is done by the computer.

Online B2B sales platform

All orders and payment are done online. Every B2B customers can login and view their orders, their previous orders and the detail of the orders. The system will also manage the inventory of the various distributors and agents.

Automated Product Price to Dealers and Agents

Different group of b\B2B buyers will have different price for the products. They may be Master Distributor, Distributor and agents. The system will understand to show the right price for the different buyers.

Automated Introducer Incentives calculation

Network Sales Organisation normally reward Distributors and Agents that introduce other Distributors and Agents to join the network. The calculation can be extremely tedious when you try to calculate the incentives for the introduced agents one level, two levels and three levels down the line. OfficeCentral Incentive Module provides you with the automation of the incentive calculations.

Interface to Accounting

The accounting people need to complete the accounting report every month. Data from the sales network are required like sales, payment and inventory transactions.

Better Business

Now, you can have instant, on-screen access to your list of staffs, their information and much more from anywhere you are, anytime you need them by using OfficeCentral - Malaysia online Network Sales Management. No more worries about having to go to office to get any data or having data to be sent manually via email/phone/fax. You can easily access your network sales management data even when you're on your overseas business trip. That's how connected you are to your company when implementing OfficeCentral.

  • picture Furthermore, with OfficeCentral, it is easier for you to manage multiple locations and branches from one system. No more having to transmit data manually via email/phone/fax.
  • picture OfficeCentral becomes your centralized data repository, allowing your staffs from different locations to access the same data, even when their offices are miles away.
  • picture This promotes team collaboration and increase productivity for teams across different regions. You can save time, reduce administrative work and increase productivity!

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